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Trouble Shootong

Why Won’t My Electric Scooter Turn On?

Owning an electric scooter makes your life easier and more interesting than the four-wheeled engine brigade. It gives you a more economical and environmentally friendly option than your automobile counterparts. But what happens when your electric scooter won’t move and the key switch won’t turn from OFF to ON? 

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Electric Scooter Problems

Why Does My Electric Scooter Turn On But Not Move?

Having problems with your electric scooter is one of the most infuriating things to deal with before your daily commute. This new craze is supposed to be a fun and convenient way to get around without needing to use a car, reducing your carbon footprint and doing your best to save the planet simultaneously.

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E-scooter costs

How Much Is An E-scooter In Australia?

Electric items often have different costs from their counterparts; examples include an electric go-kart, electric bike, electric toothbrush, and electric skateboards.

E-scooters are no exception to this, with prices significantly differing from what you would expect to pay for a normal kick-scooter.

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Electric Scotters Australia

Are Electric Scooters Legal In NSW?

Electric scooters are reaching the peak of their popularity in 2023.  The advancement of the technology within them means they can now go faster and last longer;  they also take less time to charge.

Because of their popularity, you may be asking, are electric scooters legal in NSW? Let’s explore the laws surrounding e-scooters and more in NSW.

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Electric Scotters Australia

Do You Need A Licence For A Scooter In Australia?

There are many types of scooters that are now widespread in Australia because they save people time and money and reduce carbon emissions.

However, the licence requirements for scooters in Australia are less clear than for car licences. You may not be sure if you need a scooter licence in Australia.

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Fast Scooters

How Fast Are Electric Scooters In Australia?

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular, particularly for adults, thanks to their convenience, portability and affordability. Avoiding traffic jams by zipping around on two wheels has not only saved petrol, it’s also saved energy, particularly compared to cars. However, there’s one way they can’t compare to a car: speed, though this doesn’t make them any less efficient.

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