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How Much Is An E-scooter In Australia?

Electric items often have different costs from their counterparts; examples include an electric go-kart, electric bike, electric toothbrush, and electric skateboards.

E-scooters are no exception to this, with prices significantly differing from what you would expect to pay for a normal kick-scooter. 

So what is the price for an e-scooter in Australia? Currently, the average cost is around $1,600.

Continue reading for an in-depth look at what you can pay for an e-scooter in Australia, including the price of favoured brands, where to buy them and more.

What are the types of electric scooters in Australia?

Before deciding on a price for an e-scooter, you need to know what type to look for by looking at a range of electric scooters.

The primary type of electric scooter in Australia is an electric kick scooter – most of these are also foldable electric scooters. They are capable of topping speeds of 60 mph. They can also get significant power; the options at the lower price range end often have dual 800w motors.

The price for one of these entirely depends on the price range you want to look at; the ranges often have different features.

  • Value electric scooters are usually around $300-$700. Buying an electric scooter in this range means you miss out on features like heating-cooling tech, a better scooter battery and more.
  • High-performance and ultra-performance e-scooter options have powerful electric motors that rival a motorised scooter and other features like suspension. However, they are more expensive, with options ranging from $2,500 to over $3,500.
  • Kids’ electric scooter options are cheap, at $150-$400. Also, kids’ e-scooters have much lower power, so they’re just as safe as regular kids’ scooters.
  • Because of varying needs (commuter e-scooters for daily commuting, for example), adult electric scooters have a massive price range. However, you can get a good one for just over $1,000.
  • All-terrain electric scooters are usually around $1,000-$3,500. You can get an all-terrain dual-motor electric scooter for faster speeds at the more expensive end.

What factors affect e-scooter prices in Australia?

Multiple factors affect e-scooter price; the main three factors that will determine electric scooter costs are:

  • Quality and brand reputation: If an electric scooter brand has a reputation for scooters made with high-quality materials, they will price their scooters higher. Also, e-scooter brands will charge more if they have an excellent reputation in the industry.
  • Performance: Electric scooters with powerful motors usually cost more than lower-power ones. However, an e-scooter with fewer features and accessories but a powerful motor may be cheaper.
  • Battery capacity: Similar to electrical appliances (examples include smart watches, smart speakers, and smart lights), the higher battery an e-scooter has, the higher the price. However, it does depend on the number of other features included; sometimes, it may have a higher battery life but little to no accessories.

Aside from these factors, the number of e-scooter accessories can also affect the price.

Electric scooter accessories include:

  • Phone accessories like phone holders.
  • A helmet.
  • Grips for the handlebars.
  • Audio accessories like a bell or horn.
  • Some may come with a fitness tracker; fitness trackers help walk or exercise between scooter rides.
  • Hydration packs.
  • Security and action cameras.
  • Extra tyres (pneumatic tyres, for example).

How much are e-scooters in Australia?

The price you can pay when choosing an electric scooter can vary dramatically depending on what you want.

If you are after a more affordable option, you can pay anywhere between $300-$700. The final amount will depend on the speed and battery life you want.

If cheaper types of electric scooters don’t have the performance you want, you should consider a performance or commuter scooter (perfect if you’re a long-distance commuter). The range is $450-$1,500 for a commuter scooter and $1,500-$2,500 for a performance scooter.

If you want excellent performance, battery life and as many features and accessories as possible, look at the high-end options. These usually start at $1,500 and can go above $3,500. High-end options usually have 6,000 watts max.

Most popular e-scooter brands in Australia

Now you know some of the price ranges, we’ll look at some e-scooter brands and their top products.

  • The Apollo Phantom V3 ($3199): This has excellent performance, a LUDO mode for exciting rides, and regenerative braking.
  • The IQU Aprilia eSR2 TS ($1,600-$1,700): Its top features include 10-inch tyres, dual braking and turn signal lights.
  • The Bexly Blackhawk Pro ($3,399): Its features include a newly-designed responsive locking system and a diamond display.
  • The Dragon GTS V2 ($1,499) and the GTR V2 ($1,599): The main difference is that the electric scooter Dragon GTR V2 is a dual motors electric scooter.
  • The Dualtron Storm e-scooter ($6,445): Stands out because of its sturdy design, double-tightening folding system, hydraulic brakes, suspension with 45 configurations and more.
  • The Kaabo Mantis 10 Duo V2 Electric Scooter ($2,699) and the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 GT ($5,499): The difference is that the Wolf Warrior is heavier (with a bigger kickstand) and has more performance. They also have a premium option called the Wolf King GT.
  • The Mearth GTS EVO ($1,899) and the Mearth RS ($1,299): The GTS has improved design and suspension, while the RS has a new motor and sleek design.
  • The NIU KQI3 Sport electric scooter (from $599): This is a cheaper option that focuses on excellent performance for the cost; it has a top speed of 25kmph, which is impressive for the lower-end price range.
  • The Segway Ninebot Max G30p (RRP of $1,299): The best-selling commuter scooter in the world because of its 65km distance and weather-resistant frame.

Where to buy e-scooters in Australia?

There are two options when buying any type of electric scooter (road electric scooters, for example).

You can go to a local retailer or dealer. Doing this is ideal if you prefer to see and test the e-scooter before buying it. However, when at a dealership, check the prices online to check if the dealer’s price is reasonable.

The other option is to buy the e-scooter online. With this method, you can compare multiple models more efficiently, but it’s hard to tell if you will like the e-scooter until you see it. However, looking online is the quickest way to find new deals.

New vs. used e-scooters

If you want a full warranty and an e-scooter with a longer lifespan, buy a new one; remember that this is easily the more expensive option. Also, with a new e-scooter, the seller won’t lock you into a specific colour and design; you have far more choice if you buy it new.

If you don’t mind a scooter with some former use, a used e-scooter can be a good option, mainly due to the deals you can find. However, you must check the used e-scooter for wear and tear before purchasing it; you may be unable to return it if it is faulty.

Hidden costs and warranties 

When buying an e-scooter, the final cost you must calculate is more than just the product’s price. There are two important considerations to make when buying an e-scooter:

  • Consider the maintenance cost, including the cost to charge the e-scooter and electric scooter repair costs. Repairs can include changing the tyres, replacing the inner tubes, repairing the disc brakes and more. The most costly repairs involve work on the front and rear of the e-scooter.
  • Consider extra accessories. While the scooter may come with some accessories (see above), you need to list everything you need and add the cost to the total.

Another thing you should consider buying is an extended warranty. These can cover faults and defects from wear and tear.

Some brands will also offer over-the-phone help if there’s something wrong with the scooter and it requires a quick fix.

Government incentives and subsidies 

Multiple shared-scooter incentives are rolling out across Australia; this means you can rent a scooter and ride it in a particular area (excellent for commuters). However, this is still limited; check the local laws in your territory to find one of these schemes or see if it is legal to ride one.

Also, the Tasmanian government announced a $1.2 million subsidy to incentivise people to buy e-scooters and other options like an electric road bike; it’s also to reduce transport emissions. Details on the amount allocated to e-scooters are currently unavailable, but we expect to see more initiatives like this in the future.

Summing up

In summary, when you want to purchase an e-scooter, consider the following:

  • Choose to buy online or from a retailer or dealer.
  • Decide on the price based on performance, battery and other features that matter to you.
  • Research the specific scooter model and type you want (pro electric scooter).
  • If buying a used e-scooter, research and determine if it is faulty.

Following these tips will help you make an informed decision when buying your next e-scooter.

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